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Mr. unlikely hero

You're in bad company now

Preston Marlowe
Preston Marlowe is the main protagonist of the Battlefield: Bad-Company series, he is also the narrator of the game. He is a calm and quiet person who rarely curses. And he generally only talks when he feels like he should add something to a conversation.

He supposedly takes after his father and grandfather as well, both of whom were in the US military. He also states that it was because of these two that he wanted to be a soldier in the first place. And while the reason as to how and why he joined Bad-company is mostly a mystery, it is known to involve a helicopter and a general's limo. Preston also hints at having done the action on purpose so that he could see more action.

However he does admit that it was a stupid idea and could have landed him in a federal prison. And ever since he joined up with B-company he has seen more action than he thought he ever would have. And by the second game he is ready to go home. However, with the Russians invading through Alaska, and the war not over yet. Preston still has many more adventures to look forward to in the future.

Ammunition levels:
M416- 50/200
M203 Grenade launcher- 4
Grenades- 5

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