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✢ The Player
Player Name: Alex
Age: 19
LJ: deadliesthero
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✢ The Character
Character Name: Preston Marlow
Fandom: Battlefield: Bad company
Canon Point: After the ending of the second game
Age: 25
Appearance: Preston has short, brown hair, gray eyes and seems to like keeping stubbles of facial hair. He enjoys wearing his BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniform) complete with a tactical vest, flak jacket, helmet, gloves, boots and goggles.
Abilities / Powers: Preston has been given military training, strengthening both his body and mind. He knows how to fight with both his bare hands and a knife. As well as shows proficiency with just about any vehicle and weapon. Though he has been shown to not know how to fly planes or jets.
Inventory: By the time the game ends, Preston is only carrying the clothes on his back. An M9 pistol, with only one clip, which was loaded into the gun, as well as his K-bar knife.
Personality: Preston is known to be a rather quiet person, speaking only when he has something in particular to say or add into a conversation. In fact he is one of the most silent people in the entire game, often times not portraying a whole lot of emotion depending on the circumstance. This leads him to be a rather meek type of fellow, sometimes stuttering or talking in a quiet and cool tone of voice. It is generally because of his quiet nature that he can sometimes be easily forgotten or overlooked, as seen in the first game. As a result of this he can usually be dragged into something relatively easy, so long as he is not totally against it. He does this mostly out of a want to be recognized by others, as well as a sense of wanting to keep his head down and not sticking out like a sore thumb.

Of course despite this quiet personality he can be rather vocal about his opinions at times to the point of practically yelling at others in anger if the situation calls for it. This is best seen when his two-squad mates, Haggard and Sweetwater, were ready to give up after seeing the strength behind the Russian’s secret weapon. Now to top off all of this he can be considered one of the smarter and skilled members of Bad-company. Preston will usually use his cleverness in high jacking enemy vehicles, utilizing almost anything as a weapon and being a general handy man in terms of repairing vehicles and using an incredibly large arsenal of weapons and tools. His cleverness is not just wasted on battlefield smarts either. Preston can also be heard making some rather insightful remarks at times; showing incredible intellect at times that is usually overshadowed by his quietness and the fact that he generally sees himself more as a follower and team player.

Preston can also be seen as being extremely brave, to the point of almost sheer recklessness, and never one to back down from a fight. Even when everything seems lost he will still move forward, and through either sheer luck, skill or stupidity, usually comes out on top. To compliment all of this Preston is also fiercely loyal to those he views as a friend or ally. At one point in time he had actually took on the entire Russian military in order to try and save his team who had been captured behind enemy lines. And what’s more, he had succeeded, leaving behind a trail of bodies and destruction in his wake. Because of this loyalty he can be seen as a rather friendly person, and appears to enjoy being in the company of others as well.

And to compliment this bravery and courage, he is both physically and mentally tough and hardened. Having received this from both his military training and experiences on the battlefield. In canon he could often be seen dispatching enemies with relative ease and coolness. And while he does not enjoy or revel in the act of killing another human, if anything the screams of the dead will forever haunt his dreams. However, he has been both told and trained on how to both precisely and brutally kill another man, as well as been told that such things are both a necessity and expected of him at times of war. Because of this he seems to be able to kill and repress any emotions of regret or remorse whilst in the act itself. Although when he is left in peace he seems to posses a very tired and possibly troubled mind.
History:<a href=http://battlefield.wikia.com/wiki/Preston_Marlowe>Wikia</a>

First Person Sample: Can’t really say that I like this current situation or not. Of course, while it’s been a while since I was able to experience any form of civilian life…I don’t think that this can really be considered a “return to normalcy”.

[Taps his chin in thought before fidgeting in place.]

Th-this, isn’t exactly something that I’ve been trained to handle. But, I’ll do my best to accomplish my task…so long as I get to go home.

So…er… [What should he say, now that he’s spoken his piece?]

[Sighs, there’s nothing more to say.]

…That’s it, I guess.

Third Person Sample: Preston sat down with a small groan. It was nice to be able to catch a nice breather like this every once in a while. Though one could hardly call it a very quiet one, with two of his more knuckleheaded team mates arguing over some trifle, and Redford telling the both of them to shut up. Then again, it was a scene that Preston wouldn’t pass up for the world. It meant that things were normal, peaceful, for once anyway.

Then again, how long would this one last? Preston figured that it would last for a little while, figuring that they had been given a small break on the Alaskan base. It was a rather rare treat, even with their new, far kinder, commanding officer.

Chuckling a little at a remark made by Haggard before taking notice to something new. There was a disturbance in their midst, in the form of a new, nameless person approaching them. Raising an eyebrow as the newcomer approached Redford, saluted, and delivered a message towards the dark-skinned man. Though what that message had been was lost to Preston as his two-team mates were being far to loud for him to have heard it. Watching the stranger leave before standing up as Redford barked new orders to the small group.

Sighing, Preston stood up, and both Haggard and Sweetwater had stopped arguing. It seemed that their new commander wanted to have a word with them. Preston should have saw this coming, their short break, it seemed, was only the proverbial “calm before the storm”.
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App for Mysterium


Name: Alex

Personal Journal: deadliesthero

Age: 18

Contact: I can be more easily contacted by PM on either my character’s journal or my personal one.

Other Characters Played: N/A

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Name: Preston Marlowe

Fandom: Battlefield Bad Company series

Age: Around his early to mid twenties, his fandom was not clear on his age.

OU or AU?: Original

Timeline: After he and his squad escape with their gold riches.

Wiki link:

http://battlefield.wikia.com/wiki/Battlefield:_Bad_Company >First

http://battlefield.wikia.com/wiki/Preston_Marlowe >Character bio

History & Personality:

I suppose I will start off with the very reason as to why Preston had joined the US military in the first place. When he was young he would often look up to both his father and grandfather, both of whom were war veterans and heroes. The stories that he had heard from the both of them had been melted into his active imagination, creating the idea that military life was extremely exciting and adventurous. As a result he grew his own adventurous spirit and, under the guise of believing that it had ran in the family, Preston joined the US Army. However Preston’s dreams of excitement and adventure would soon find itself tumbling to the ground. As for his family Preston has what could be considered a rather normal family, he has a father, mother, grandfather and a little brother, all of whom he seemed to be rather close to; one family member that seemed to really stand out was his younger brother, who Preston could be seen talking to in his video blog. The reason why he seemed to stand out was because he was the only family member that Preston could be seen interacting with. And it was this interaction that gives one more of a sense on what his family relations are. The way Preston talked during the blog had suggested that he had a rather strong relationship with his family, carrying about them and hoping that he could see them again soon. That was the only interaction that he could be seen having with his family throughout the entire series though.

As the US and Russia had declared war on each other Preston had found himself apart of the group that was meant to be sent to the front lines immediately. Initially he was extremely excited at the prospect of possibly following in his dad’s and grandfather’s footsteps. However he had quickly found out that war were not all adventure, action and drama. It was a fairly boring business, one that quickly disappointed and bored Preston to no end. As a result his adventurous soul cried out for him to do something thrilling. Which was how he had ended up in Bad-company, although the exact details as to what he did to end up in B-company was never fully made known. Although the details that were made known lead to only one conclusion; Preston, in a fit of boredom and frustration, had hijacked a US Army helicopter for a joy ride and then crashed it into a general’s limo. However he still maintains that if he had landed the chopper just a few yards to the left then no one would have noticed.

And so once Preston’s court hearing was adjourned the judges who sat on trial had decided that, instead of sending him to jail, they were going to transfer him to the 222nd US Army battalion and placed him in B-company, or what is known as Bad-company; which was said to have had the highest mortality rate out of the entire army. The company itself was considered cannon fodder that’s ranks were filled by trouble makers deemed expendable by the Army. Outwardly he seemed to be rather stoic and nonchalant about the entire situation, in a message to his little brother he stated that he while he was probably going to see some action he highly doubted that he would become some sort of hero. He also seemed to avoid telling exactly why he was given the transfer, most likely out of embarrassment should his parents and family at home find out about the how’s and whys. Inwardly though he was extremely excited by this prospect as he was getting exactly what he wanted. And with the prospect of being sent out on some of the most suicidal missions the military had to offer he showed a hidden excitement in his message to his brother. To Preston it seemed like a chance to gain some form of adventure and excitement while at the same time perhaps becoming a hero.
However, once he arrived at the point that he needed to be at, Preston’s calm and somewhat quiet and by the book nature showed itself. Exactly where he had gained this part of his personality is not fully known, although he most likely picked it up during his Army basic training. This polite calm and coolness would soon be dismissed by the other men in his squad however, although Preston would still hang on to it throughout the rest of the series. It was also this calmness that had helped him throughout the story line as well. In the game his calm and coolness had helped carry him through some of his more grizzly acts, such as slitting a man’s throat, running through a burning city filled with me screaming in pain as they ran around on fire and killing and maiming in general in both the second and first games. It is perhaps because of this coolness that such things don’t really faze him as much as it would any regular person. But of course now I’m getting off track from his history.

After greeting and getting to know what would be his team Preston suddenly found himself under fire from Russian artillery. During the bombardment most of the convoy was destroyed and only he and his team were left. Still they pressed on to meet up with the rest of the Army after taking care of both the artillery and anti-aircraft guns. However Bad-company would soon encounter one of the main enemies of the first game, a mercenary force led by a man called the Legionnaire. And it was later made clear that all of the legends about the group were true, even the part where the men were paid in solid gold. It was this revelation that had caused Preston and his squad to go AWOL and chase after the mercenary group in hopes of finding the main horde of gold. Of course one would have figured that Preston would not have partaken in the chase, especially after saying to his little brother that he wouldn’t be the hero or get into anymore trouble. That and his own by-the-book attitude should have kept him from going AWOL. However Preston seemed to have developed a mentality to follow the group, which had more than likely formed during his basic training as well. Added to his want and desire for action and adventure Preston just couldn’t resist the temptation of hunting for gold fortune with the rest of the rag-tag group.

It was during their journey Preston and his team had been separated, captured by enemy soldiers, after they were blown out of the sky by Russians. At this point most people would probably be on their knees, balling and crying for their mommies. However Preston isn’t like most people, during their adventures he had grown close to the group and wasn’t about to give up without saving them from the Russians. During this time he had traveled for miles while at the same time taking on, and destroying, most of the Russian military that had gotten in his way. During this course of wanton destruction and death he had shown his extreme bravery, determination and coolness under fire. It hadn’t taken him very long either to find out exactly where his friends were being held captive, although much to Preston’s ire they didn’t really need any saving and were actually surprised by his appearance.

Once the group was together once more they went back to what they were originally doing; in other words carving a path of destruction in their hunt for gold fortunes. Luckily for them, and everyone else, they had finally found the large stash of gold they had been looking for. And after having the warehouse blown up by the Legionnaire himself the gang found themselves fighting for their lives against hundreds of armed and angry mercenaries. Not deterred by the overwhelming odds that faced them, Bad-company had quickly dispersed the large amounts of enemies, with Preston personally getting rid of their leader using only an RPG rocket to blow him out of the sky.

Mode of Entrance: Portal


While Preston is more of an action-oriented type of character, I do believe that he could handle himself rather well in game. He has proved himself to be able to handle most, if not all, forms of environments and is both mentally and physically strong. And while he may be lacking in actual powers he makes up for it in being extremely versatile, clever and responsive to changes in environment. However I do believe that the world of Mysterium will probably put his skills, and mental and physical strength, to the ultimate. But that is another reason why I believe that Preston would do fairly well in game as he is always open to charge head long into any challenge or danger.



He will, of course, have his typical Army-issued uniform; this includes, his typical, green camouflage clothing and combat vest, his Kevlar armor and helmet with goggles, black boots and camel pack.

http://battlefield.wikia.com/wiki/M416 >M416 with the grenade launcher

An http://battlefield.wikia.com/wiki/M9 >M9

And of course his grenades.


Preston does not have any powers, but he is extremely versatile in most weapon and vehicle systems. He knows how to drive tanks, trucks and fly helicopters. Even more astounding is his knowledge on how to take care of weapons and various vehicles. And, being a trained and experienced soldier, he knows how to utilize almost everything and anything as a weapon. That added to him being rather clever and smart makes him a deadly force to be reckoned with.

Suggested Power Reductions:

N/A, Preston does not have any powers and could be considered just a regular mortal if he wasn't a trained soldier.



First Person:


Um, h-hello? Does this thing even work?

Er, if it does, and anyone is listening to this um...phone call? I guess you could call it since it really isn't much of a message. Then could someone please tell me what's going on and where exactly I am?

{The sound of a throat clearing could be heard.}

My name's Private Preston Marlow; of the 222nd US Army Battalion, B-Company or....Bad....Company.

<b>Third Person:</b>

The novelty of being in another had eventually ran it's course and Preston had quickly found himself to be rather bored. The city made him remember exactly why he had joined the Army in the first place. Of course that wasn't to say that the military was always extremely exciting. But still, at least had things to do and spend time on in the Army. Here, there was next to nothing for him.

'Still,' thought to himself as he stretched his arms out and began heading towards the front door of the place he was staying at, 'the chance to relax is nice.' Then again he had a nagging feeling in the back of his head that was screaming at him, telling him that there was just something...wrong with this place. "Of course there's something wrong." Preston muttered to himself as he exited the room he was staying in. "I'm in another world."

Although so far it seemed more like the one he left if one were to turn the clocks back to when Preston's grandfather was growing up. But these thoughts had done nothing to settle the unease he was feeling at the moment. But this feeling was completely justified, as he had just said to himself, he was in another world. One that would be worth exploring, and perhaps he could meet a few more people here as well.

Deciding to make that his goal for the day, Preston set off to look for people that were currently in the same position as him. That is, stuck in another world with no present hope of returning to their regular home.

Additional Notes: N/A